Tours, Tickets & Rentals in the Beautiful Vang Vieng, Laos
Location: Vang Vieng, Laos (Nam Song River)
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Tour Outline

The trip begins at 9am.

You’ll begin by meeting in the centre of town. The day will start with a 14km ride to the first cave, Tham Xang (Elephant Cave). The cave lies on the banks of the Nam Song River. It is an important Buddhist Temple and owes its name to a remarkable limestone formation. Your guide will tell you the history of this charming cave and temple, from thousands of years ago to more tales of recent decades.

TomPhoto-15-06-21-07974You will then pass through a small Lao farm and village with green rice fields


Afterwards, you will have the chance to swim in the clear, cool spring water that lies at the mouth of Tham Nam (Water Cave), where you can go tubing up to 500 metres inside of the cave.

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The tubing is then followed by a free BBQ lunch aside Tham Nam (Water Cave). There will then be a 30 minute walk back to a village, where you’ll be picked up to begin your kayaking.

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You’ll be driven to the starting point, Khmu Village, 10km North of Vang Vieng. The friendly English speaking guides will give you some paddle instructions before you start on this 3 hour kayaking trip.

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Further down you’ll have the opportunity to stop at bars throughout the river, like the popular Fluid Bar & Restaurant, where you can relax by the river and get some refreshments or even a bite to eat if you’re hungry. It’s a great place to swim with fantastic views, or play a game such as snooker or table tennis with some fellow travellers.

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The way back to Vang Vieng has a few twists and turns with men fishing amongst the natural surroundings. It will be a slow and gentle paddle back, arriving just in time to view the beautiful sunset over the mountains.


What To Bring

  • Hat
  • Sun Block
  • Clothes / Shoes
  • Water Proof Dry Bag
  • Head Lamp

How Hard Is It?

This is a pretty easy tour even for the inexperienced Kayaker, so anyone is welcome to take part without fear! During Rainy Season (June – September), the water in the Nam Song river can be quite high and as such the river quite fast, but the guides will keep you safe at all times during your trip.

The caves can be a little daunting to those that are claustrophobic but with a head lamp, either brought by you or provided to you at the cave, you’ll have nothing to be afraid of.

Price Guide

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How Booking Works

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We’ll provide you with a detailed map and instructions of what to do on your arrival in Vang Vieng, so experiencing your desired tour will be as easy and simple as possible.

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