Wonderful Tours | Trek, 4 Caves & 2 Villages
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Get off the beaten track and see the hidden parts of Vang Vieng!


This trip is an especially exciting one for those that wish to exercise and relax at the same time, whilst avoiding the crazy people on the Nam Song river.

During the day you will get the chance to explore four separate caves and two different villages. In the morning you will go by truck up north from Vang Vieng about 15km, eventually taking a boat to cross the Nam Song river (if rainy season) or a bridge (if dry season).

The guide will then lead you to the first cave Tham Xang (Elephant Cave). Inside this cave you will get the chance to see ancient Buddha Statues and amazing natural elephant limestone sculptures. As you make your way through the cave, the guide will inform you of its history and enlighten you about the caves many stories and interesting past.

Afterwards you will see the traditional Lao Village nearby – the guide will take you through it, introducing you to the local villages and further explaining to you the history of the village.

We will then trek from the village past green rice fields and beautiful mountains before reaching two other caves – Tham Hoy and Tham Loup. Within these caves are more lovely Buddha statues and stalactites. Besides for that you will see more than 100 names of Lao people that once hid in the caves during past wars that have affected Laos.

Following that will be a short trek to Tham Nam (Water Cave), where you can cool off and tube inside the cave before enjoying our barbecue lunch made naturally and served on banana leaves.

We’ll finally trek from the water cave to a Hmong Village (hill tribe people). They are one of the minority groups in Laos that have existed here for hundreds of years, living peacefully in the mountains. You’ll be able to meet the villagers and play with the kids – it’s a great opportunity to snap some photos and videos too! You’ll go for a walk around the village with the guide and then hop back in the truck and return to Vang Vieng.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray

Tour Includes

  • Transport
  • Lunch + Fruit
  • Drinking Water
  • English speaking guide



Online payment available for Visa, Mastercard and JBC (a 4% fee apply)