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Bookings can be made online or in person at our Vang Vieng office.

Tickets Around Laos

Wonderful Tours can arrange all modes of transport around Laos, from buses to trains to planes.

For our private minivan service around Laos, please check out our Private Tours.

All routes below originate from Vang Vieng:
TODeparture TimeArrival TimeTravel DurationType of BusPrice
Vientiane9:00AM12:30PM3h 30mMini Van50,000 KIP
Vientiane9:30AM1:00PM3h 30mMini Van50,000 KIP
Vientiane10:00AM2:00PM4hVIP Bus50,000 KIP
Vientiane1:30PM5:00PM3h 30mMini Van50,000 KIP
Vientiane1:30PM5:30PM4hVIP Bus50,000 KIP
Phonsavanh9:00AM3:00PM6hMini Van110,000 KIP
Luang Prabang8:20AM2:20PM6hMini Van100,000 KIP
Luang Prabang9:00AM3:00PM6hMini Van105,000 KIP
Luang Prabang2:00PM8:00PM6hVIP Bus105,000 KIP
Luang Prabang3:00PM9:00PM6hMini Van110,000 KIP
Luang Prabang11:00AM6:00PM7hVIP Bus100,000 KIP
Luang Prabang8:30PM4:30AM8hVIP Bus140,000 KIP
Luang Prabang9:30PM5:30AM8hVIP Bus110,000 KIP
Thakhak1:30PM1:30AM12hVIP Sleeping Bus200,000 KIP
Savanaket1:30PM4:30AM15hVIP Sleeping Bus200,000 KIP
Pakse1:30PM6:00AM16h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus200,000 KIP
4000 Islands1:30PM10:00AM20h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus270,000 KIP

Tickets to Thailand

Wonderful Tours can also arrange transport to Thailand from Vang Vieng:
TODeparture TimeArrival TimeTravel DurationType of BusPrice
Bangkok (Khao San Rd)1:30PM6:00AM16h 30mVIP Bus1200 ฿
Bangkok (Mo-Chit Bus Station)1:30PM6:00AM16h 30mVIP Bus1200 ฿
Chiang Mai10:00AM7:00AM21hVIP Bus1500 ฿
Chiang Mai1:30PM7:00AM17h 30mMini Van1050 ฿
Pai1:30PM3:00PM25h 30mVIP Bus1300 ฿
Pattaya10:00AM10:00AM24hMini Van1400 ฿
Nong Khai10:00AM5:30PM7h 30mMini Van400 ฿
Udon Thani10:00AM6:30PM8h 30mMini Van440 ฿
Koh Samet1:30PM1:00PM23h 30mVIP Bus1700 ฿
Koh Chang1:30PM3:00PM25h 30mMini Van1700 ฿
Koh Samui1:30PM10:00AM (2 Days Later)44h 30mVIP Bus2100 ฿
Koh Tao1:30PM11:00AM (2 Days Later)45h 30mVIP Bus2100 ฿
Koh Phangan1:30PM11:00AM (2 Days Later)45h 30mVIP Bus2100 ฿
Koh Phi Phi1:30PM12:00PM (2 Days Later)46h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus2100 ฿
Koh Lanta1:30PM3:00PM (2 Days Later)49h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus2100 ฿
Krabi1:30PM11:00AM (2 Days Later)45h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus2100 ฿
Phuket1:30PM12:00PM (2 Days Later)46h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus2100 ฿
Hat Yai1:30PM12:00PM (2 Days Later)46h 30mVIP Sleeping Bus2100 ฿

Airline Tickets

Wonderful Tours can also help you book airline tickets to fly around Laos and to its surrounding countries.
Luang PrabangVientianeLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangBangkokBangkok AirwaysOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangBangkokLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangChiang MaiLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangHanoiLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangHanoiVietnam AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangSiem ReapLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
Luang PrabangPakseLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianePakseLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianeBangkokLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianeBangkokThai AirwaysOn Enquiry
VientianeHanoiLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianeHanoiVietnam AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianeSiem ReapLao AirlinesOn Enquiry
VientianePhnom PenhVietnam AirlinesOn Enquiry